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 Did you know that there are approximately 40 million Americans over age 65? By the year 2050, one in every five people in the U.S. will be over 65. By that age, many people have a life insurance policy. But many people over 65 don’t. In fact, reaching the age of 65 is when many people start thinking that they should have Life Insurance Over 65 coverage to protect the financial future of their loved ones.

Some people buy life insurance because they want their loved ones to be able to continue enjoying their current lifestyle. A life insurance benefit could pay for a mortgage, car, and more, plus, of course, the day-to-day cost of living. Some people buy life insurance and designate that the benefit be used to pay for their hospital bills and the cost of their funeral and cremation or burial. Otherwise, this financial burden falls to their dependents. Some people buy life insurance to provide a gift to a charity or their church, temple, or mosque when they die. helps them all.

It is important to note that is not an insurance company. Life Insurance Over 65 does not sell anything. We are purely an online marketplace: the single source for people over 65 to find quotes from many different, leading insurance companies all at once. It takes just seconds. And it costs nothing. At, getting multiple quotes from the world’s best insurance companies is absolutely free of charge!

Shopping for life insurance may seem time-consuming and complicated. It could mean having to go from insurance company to company, studying their websites, talking with their salespeople, and reading their literature. But makes it much, much easier. Just answer a few simple questions, such as when you were born, your height and weight, and where you live—your state. Then simply click “Get Free Quote.” Instantly, you will get quotes from many different companies—not fly-by-night companies. These are the “household names” of the industry.

Quick as a flash brings you quotes from multiple companies in seconds. How? With technology. We use state-of-the-art software to gather your quotes. That enables us to give you the information you need from one source instead of searching company after company. And we give it to you fast and free.

Don’t make the mistake some people make. They think that getting quotes for life insurance over 65 will take forever. So they put it off…and put it off…and the next thing you know, it’s too late. Everyone needs life insurance over 65, but some people just “never get around to it.” That’s a shame.

That’s why makes the whole process so easy and quick. We want you to find insurance that fits your needs, and find it without problems, without complications, and without delays.

Options for all income levels

The best companies in the business are competing to offer you coverage. The trick is to get quotes from all of them. But at, it isn’t a trick—it’s a click. Just click “Get Free Quote.” You may be surprised at all the options you have for life insurance over 65. And all within your budget range.

Without, people conclude that comparison-shopping for insurance policies take too much time and requires the services of agents and brokers. In fact, some people see comparison-shopping for life insurance as so complicated, they may get quote then give up and just pay the price of whatever quote they got. They usually pay too much. That’s never the case at

Start saving now!

Naturally, younger, healthy people usually find more life insurance options than anybody. But many people over 65 life insurance also find many options, often more than they expect. Many companies deny people over 65 coverage; helps you find the ones that don’t.

Even for people who have health complications that made it hard to find insurance in the past, can help. Maybe you want a policy without the need for a medical examination. Many people over 65 do. For religious or personal reasons, they avoid doctors and physical examinations. can usually help these people find options.

Exercise your options!

Life insurance? Over 65? At, we are ready to help. Make us your one-stop shop for all the best options for life insurance over 65.

Whatever your needs, whatever your budget, can help you find coverage. And we do it fast and free!

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