Life Insurance Over 65: Pros And Cons

Countless seniors realize the importance of life insurance when they approach retirement age.  This makes harder, but not impossible to get a life insurance over 50 years old policy. Delaying even more will slowly diminish the chances of being insured. So, the clock is ticking and you must make a decision.

term-life-insurance-over-65Buy now a senior life insurance and protect your family or delay the purchase? We can show you the pros and cons for life insurance over 65 policies.  But in the end you will have to decide. If you do, talk first with and insurance agent and visit some specialized websites.


1)     Various amounts of coverage. People tend to fund heavily their investments, especially if they have that financial possibility. However, there are many amounts of coverage options and you can get a medium sum, if you do not have enough money or you do not feel the need to save so much money.

2)     Multiple offers. There are multiple policies available for seniors: term life, whole life, universal life insurance and of course, no medical exam life insurance policies. You can get a policy adjusted to your need. Term life policies are different than permanent policies and can be cheaper for short time.

3)     Advantageous prices. People still refuse to believe that the policies are now cheaper than ever. Visit websites that offer free online quotes.  Compare prices and get a really low price policy. The price however varies depending on your condition and option. With the help of quotes you will be able to save hundreds of dollars each year.


1)     Several limitations.  You will not be able to access to high amounts of coverage and in case that you use term life, the length of the coverage will be limited.

2)     Premium price. The prices will be a bit higher than the one asked for younger clients.

3)     They are harder to find. Companies accepting seniors as clients are not that numerous and you will need a specialized broker or an insurance website to guide you.

Our website has everything you need to know and we can also provide high quality senior life insurance quotes.

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